Monday, 13 December 2010

selamat tinggal sabah

apo la yang dok merepek ni kan..
Actlly sebab kedudukan kami di sabah.
Nampak gaya, semuanya akan dilepaskan selepas bulan 12 ni.
We're out from sabah starting from 1 jan.
Means that, ketika ni adalah tika "henjutan terakhir" team kat sabah.
Pasni.. Kat cni akan ada ramai aa..
Our CI will be, Abg Madi, Abg Pion, Jijol and Apis.
OJT CI will be, Abg Mie n So'od.
And the only Installer will be Abg Razak.

Nw talk bout me..? Where is me after this..?
New portfolio has been passed to Abg Pion, he'll be conducting TNB project after this.
And Abg Falah will team up with Abg Shafiq doin the marketing works, before the split up.
1st plan is that Abg Pion replacing Abg Falah as PM.
But he said he refuses to do that.
He plan to put me as a replace for Abg Falah.
But i dont think so. abg Falah n Abg Shafiq will not accept that.
N me myself also dun think that i can take that responsibilities.
Its too big for me. I think what im doin now is okay for me..
Got plenty of time for me to "howw ha, hoo haa", enough space for me to "berpeleseran" n "lepak2".
And another big reason is that i dun have the knowledge.
Knw what.. Feel "down" sometimes, n jealous with me colleague abg pion.
He got a very big place in abg shafiq heart.
And a very huge "kepercayaan".. Damn jealous..
I dun think that i can be like him.
He is so special.. They are so special..
What to do..? What to say..?
Maybe i need to work harder..
And with some "anjakan paradigma" , maybe i can change something..
I wish to be someone really valueable for this company..
For all people around me..
I wish.. I wish.. I wish... :(

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kiera'sakura said...

and u prove it!!! proud of u :)