Saturday, 14 April 2012


Assalamualaikum. Dan salam sejahtera pada yang membaca.

My few days outstation was something to me. Not just getting new experience regarding new equipment n system, but also a very very useful life sharing experience with my colleague.

He scold me this evening. Due to my attempt to deny his opinion regarding marriage n life. He said im taking things too lighly. But might be he is right. He also advice me to start planning nw, instead of waiting for the time n plan later.

Maybe someday i'll share some of the tips that was passed to me this few days regarding life.

It is right that ALLAH has plan our life perfectly. Like what i got this few days. An experience that cant be replaced with money. The goods n bad to be kept inside. Good to be followed, bad as an example of traces that shud be left behind.

P/s : that explains why we was so not in the mood when i mention bout our current situations. He is so damn true man.!
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