Thursday, 24 May 2012

Welcome future

Assalamualaikum. Dan salam sejahtera pada yang membaca.

For those whos been following updates here shud remember hw excited i am half years ago when talking bout my near future. Then suddenly things started to change, when i finally was loaned to 'company banyak bintang'.

Suddenly reality change again. My dream job suddenly pop up and it comes with a package, servicing my boss again.

Now, counting my days. I still did not sign any contract extend letter, so i will just have to wait for next 20 days something, or if necessary, letter will be send out before that.

Need to say sorry to my current boss. Hes been a very nice and a cool boss during my time here, but i still need to say bye. My super nice abg need me. I promised him that i will be there, n now is the time to prove it.

When we talked bout ppl kindness, we cant really say no to repay him. I know ALLAH had spared some good things for him hereafter, but in here, i want to repay him. Eventhough it was not as good as what i get, its been a great opportunities to gv him some here.

Hopefully we will success this time.

By the help of ALLAH. We take care of HIM, n HE will take care of you. No regret! !
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Iffah Afeefah said...

uwaaa ai la sedih pas ni

Eza Boom Boom said...

semoga sukses selalu :)

kiera'sakura said...

Moga Allah permudahkn urusan awk semua.. Amin

Lydia Miza(Aidyl Azim) said...

Akak doakan semuanya mudah utk adik