Friday, 10 August 2012

Journey of a groom to be - Part 8

Assalamualaikum. Dan salam sejahtera pada yang membaca.

Currently sleeping in a very messy room due to some renovations going on.

Sounds really excited, but its not like what other ppl think it is. I may have add something to my room n got some more coming in. But thats the truth that this room needs to be added with those things.

Haha i do hv a rooms but i never use a bed in my room. It used to be there but only as a place to put all the bantal and the mattress. Plus its only a single bed. Now , in order to comply to my 'future enhancement project', its a need to have a double bed.

Last time (few weeks ago) , when i eagerly want to 'upgrade' the wall by myself that lastly ended up wit Ayah being the architect to this project, now starting to paint the walls by myself, n i guess Ayah will take part after this cause i just doing the 1st layer a.k.a paintcoat only. This project gave me an own satisfaction. Well, Ayah is actualy a 'tukang rumah'. I adore him, well he used to bulit a double storey house okay But he never want to 'upgrade' his own house. Whatever renovations happen was done by a contractor. N now, he done it. Cool huh? When i finally managed to 'force' him to help. Ahhaa

Mattress. Buy one already. N Ayah asked, how can you buy a mattress and not the bed? Mama answered, will do, but waiting for the room to be ready first. Now, both of them were sleeping in a 15 inches mattress. N Mama almost injured when she forgottten that they were actually 'higher' than what they were used to be.

Hurmmmm. . . . What more after this?
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Cik Z@i Pen@nG said...

beli lemari besaq plak :p

Iffah Afeefah said...

seronok je bace cite nadh

dah untuk anak die

mstilah kene turun pdg sme

Anum said...


the malay male said...

bersusah susah dahulu :-)

kiera'sakura said...

tilam je xde katil pun bolehhhhhhhhh :p