Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Assalamualaikum. Dan salam sejahtera pada yang membaca.

Currently behind a bus, moving from Ipoh to Tapah.

Suddenly the old time memory fade away. Something bout difficulties in life.

Just now watch one macik with his two son, stopped at a bus stop, with a plastic bags. I guess they were from a town after doin some shopping. Thats the time when i imagine what ive been dealing in my past.

When i was a child, every journey no matter near or far is by bus. From buying school uniforms, baju raya shopping to buy a household is by bus.

Memories that make me realize that future shudnt be like that anymore. If it is me, then.its okay. But never gonna let mama, ayah jiah n adk face the.same thing again. Alhmdulillah nw, we have 2. One is owned by Jiah n another one is family car. Buy just to give myself a relief everytime Mama n Ayah went out.

I may be someone who very easy get a cold n fever, someone with very weak antibody, but i dont care bout all that. Their safety is my priority. Thats why my colleague always say,
"gila la hang, jauh tuu, dah la dengan moto plak tu".

the only thing that i can do is smile. ;)
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Anum said...

anum support

kiera'sakura said...

dah tau anti bodi tak kuat, walau naik apa pun make sure jge diri bebaik, rehat ckup, mkan yg berkhasiat..

Nurul Iman kan awak punye jugak?

Iffah Afeefah said...

sdh lak bace ni

Iffah Afeefah said...

sdh lak bace ni

Hafizin Jamil said...

anak yang bagus dan baik.. :)