Monday, 4 June 2012

Journey of a groom to be - Part 2

Assalamualaikum. Dan salam sejahtera pada yang membaca.

Very sorry readers. ive been away for so long, n now just got some time to share bout my experience.

Last night, while staying at Icha's n Yaya' s house, their Ibu asked,
"Arie, apa je yang Arie dah beli?"

N my A was , NOTHING KAK! !

Then what? For sure la 'kena bebel'.

"ampa ni memain betoi aih, nak kawen ke dak ni?"

Actually she was quite worried to see me very relaxed like nothing happening in my very near future. No preparation at all. Just leaving some of it to my dearest weds planner, n Mama.

Actually im also excited to 'see' that day come, its just that, i dont know where to start, especially when counting days that for me i still have plenty of time to prepare.

First of all. For ppl who had decided to 'upgrade', the date was so critical as this will be the due for all of the preparations. For me the date is like a title for our essays. We need it in order to do the assignment, to start everything. What we knw from the title is, whatever it is, the final answer are goin to be something bout our title.

The body of the essay is the preparations we made from the beginning. The better the preparation, the better the result. N conclusion is what we conclude the title n preparations. Whether it happen to be great, or another failure.

Failing to plan actually planning to fail. Got what i mean?
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Iffah Afeefah said...

so rancang bebaik okey

hope sume jalan lancar

Rozuan Ismail said...

amboi, p cari brg kahwin la.

aku said...

maybe salah kot..

bukan failing to plan is actually planning to fail ke?

kiera'sakura said...

padan muka kena marah.. hahahaha :p

Lydia Miza(Aidyl Azim) said...

tu belum dpt bebel sekolam lg tu..tunggu la..ha, nak relaks sgt kan? beli sikit2 apa salah nye

FEDO said...

Hehe. Relek nampaknya.. Tanya pada yang pernah Melalui.Hehe