Saturday, 1 December 2012

Difference between u and us

Assalamualaikum. Dan salam sejahtera pada yang membaca.

Hari sabtu yang indah i guess. Today got something new to me oso. Conversation with Nepal ppl .

Conversation start wen me n someone mention bout hw 'wealth' is some of the foreign workers here. Using an expensive handphone .

Then the Nepalist come. He answered,
"we dont have family here. U all got family. Mom, father , children that is why we can save money."

Actually he is right. They were alone here. Their expenses is for one person only. Then, if they choose to post money to their families, still they can manage their money. Others, house, transport all were prepared by the employer. See how save they are.?

I ask him bout one of my fren on my last company employed, bout no money sended to his wife and family but they were still managed to live. He replied, YES?! Eventhough you were in Nepal. You can still live. You hv the free supply of food. You hw ur cow, chicken, sheep and even plant yr vegetables. Save is it?

He shared hw bad is our water. At forst he's here he cannot eat food which are using our water. "air busuk" he told me. He even suffered a week withour rice due to that. But now getting better as he adapt to our water. Also he told me that cow with our price now at their place we can hv 2 bigger cows.

Then at his country. They only work from 10-5 everyday. No place there whether office or factory work after that hours plus saturday and sunday like what we practiced here.

Ahahahaha. A lot of difference huh?

I used to tell my fren,
"we (Malaysian) suppose to take the foreign worker as our role when it comes to survival"

Reason why i say that is because of the loneliness and no one around. N know matter how it is, life still need to go on. That is survival, when what u got is just to live. U'll make use of everything around you. And frm there you developed. Something that we dont have in life. When we were badly affected in life we still hv family to lean on. But not them. They are on their own.


Iffah Afeefah said...

pbzaan taraf hidup dngn cara mereka berbelanja juga berbeza kan

kiera'sakura said...

jauhnya perbezaan. dan mungkin jugak nilai mata wang kat sana yg lebih rendah dari sini yg lagi berbeza tue kot.

Hanif Idrus said...

Mula2 budak nepal masuk...semua kena sakit bengkak kaki sebab minum air tak masak sebab kat Nepal air dis org tak masak...
Lagi satu..aku nepal rajin dan paling penting selalu psnggil aku bosss...kikikkk