Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Assalamualaikum. Dan salam sejahtera pada yang membaca.

Im homeee..

Hey. i went back earlier today. well , Ms customer keep on pushing me since early morning to get the parts but i really cant go out earlier cause if i do that i end up adding more and more job to my list and also, ive wasted more and more time .

Last few weeks, mr senior did share me his tips, " once you reach guardhouse, before you stepped outside our factory, leave your work there, dont ever think of bringing it home, cause it might make your life being more miserable. "

Ive actually practice the same thing since the frst day i manage this thing, but, dont know why, (maybe cause of the time constraint, i end up thinking of it ever and over again. and the worst case, NIGHTMARE.

What i call nightmare is, sleeping, and dream of your work. i called that as a nightmare.

Owhh my. Please help me.


:: Mrs.Eady :: said...


reenapple said...

Oh.. kita pun ada nightmare jugak. Wuwuwuw. Scary dan tak mau ingat mimpi tu. Wuwuwuwuw.

#maybe it's because you thinking too much about your work. Take five! =)

kiera'sakura said...

jangan mimpi pastu ngingau gi ofis sudah :p