Friday, 23 November 2012

Indian wedding tradition

Assalamualaikum. Dan salam sejahtera pada yang membaca.

Indian wedding tradition.

Dear all readers, as what u all perasan. im now still in wedding mood.
Hihi and this wedding mood effect the team as they share a lots of their experience and without doing much i gather a lot of information regarding oth er people culture.

If yesterday i share bout chinese, today ill type and share some about indian culture in wedding.

For indians, once registered they were considered as married. Legally , but in their tradition it is not done until the religious part take over.

Thus they will try to finish the ceremony as soon as they can to prevent the groom or the bride to 'change mind' towards their mate before the real things take part. Normally the 'engagement' period will be very short one. Like what my colleague shared yesterday, hers was just bout 5 months. Then they will get married. And got some ppl also doing it in one day. Registered in the morning then engaged and married on the same day. Well everything depends on the bride themselves. They want it to be on the same date then they will need to be rush a bit.

She did ask me bout the wedding dress wear by us. Wether we buy or rent it. I said the akad nikah one were buy by us and fr the reception we just rent it. She said in their tradition the groom will hv to buy the sari fr their bride as the sari will be the dress wear by their wife on some big occation such as their wedding, and on 'majlis ber-endoi' which is in Malay tradition call 'lenggang perut' or ceremony that take part during their child being delivered. The baby will sleep on 'buaian' which was made from their mama's wedding dress.

That is why buying a sari fr their wedding is a must. They can choose between the very best quality to a normal quality. But depends on the budget also la kan?

Then, in an indian tradition, bride and the groom only can sleep together once everything finish which means once the ceremony finish then only they can be together. This is to
Prevent early pregnancy before everything take part. Ehhe same also with Malays right? I cant be with my Mistress on the day we akad nikah but on the next day after the reception. Can laaa~~ luckily nowadays the culture got slowered down a bit, if not they only can be together once both reception settled down. Susah huh.? Kikikiki

Hehe . Some of the info that might be useful for you guys. Im sharing it cause its a new knowledge to me. Hopefully you'll get something. And as a conclusion, wedding is not as hard as what we fought nowadays. Its easy just that our tradition restrict it from being too easy. For what reason i dont knw but well sometimes it is true base on some reasonable reason. No matter what it is. Be someone who is good to ur spouse. He or she will be with u forever. So take gd care of them. The most important thing is, share and discuss if there are any problem. We share everything right? So why shud we burden urself with it alone? ;)


Anum said...

great info

Ain Dzaya said...

lamanya ta datang sini..ttp sama mcm dulu :)

Ain Dzaya said...

lamanya ta datang sini..ttp sama mcm dulu :)

Iffah Afeefah said...

itulah org kte tradisi melayu byk campor2 ngn india

ade persamaan kan

cume adat bikin ia jadi susa

Hanif Idrus said...

Good information

kiera'sakura said...

lagi complicated adat dorg huuuu..

klu org melayu xkasi tido sama sblm majlis belah pmpuan selesai klu besoknya mjlis tue. kata depa drah tgh manis xblh kuar. pastu nanti xnk la nmpk gelojoh sgt kot.. errr xpe la jaga air muka family pn salah satu tuntutan agama kan hihihi ;)

ada kawan sy kan. lagi sakit nenek dia siap tunggu smpi majlis belah pmpuan selesai pastu bawak cucu dia balik umah. nt dh selesai mjlis belah laki baru dorg blh dok satu blik. klu tak tue selagi tue la ketuk pintu bilik xbg dok sebilik sama2