Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Why they dont go for early marriage

Assalamualaikum. Dan salam sejahtera pada yang membaca.

We were talking bout marriage again. But today it is not bout me but bout other race which is the chinese people and why they dont prefer for an early marriage.

Someone did mention to me just now. Bout how hard is marriage to them. Its bout using a very big sum of money, and purpose of using it actually are same as what we Muslim practice today which is to inform ppl that they are married.

Can u imagine, u were working so hard on ur early days just to support ur marriage?

At first she asked. How much did you spend fr photography? I told her that my beloved brother is the photographer. Then she asked, normally hw much does it cost? I estimated bout 500-1.5k. She answered. Its very cheap. For them it can go more than 3k, just fr the photography.

Then, She told me. normally in their practice, they will book a hotel
Or maybe a restaurant for the ceremony. Know something.? Some cikai cikai table with a not very delicious food will cause you RM350 per table that consume of 10 person per table.

Can you calculate if they were calling bout 500-1000 ppl, how much will that cost? And doing that were only as a 'syarat' to let ppl knw bout the marriage.

Then, when pregnant. Babies who only been taken care on working hour with saturday and sunday rest and public holiday can cause you almost 600 per month and that money will go higher as your babies got big and ready to eat porridge or rice. Another one is, maternity care services. That cost bout 3-5k for 1 month. They hv 2 option, either pay someone to come to the house daily that took bout 3k, or send the newly delivered baby and mama to the place and that surely will cost more.

Just a few example rite? But a very big $$$ to think.? And a lot of things actually. Its a burden. Now i finally realize bout why my colleague ask me when i told them that im getting married.
"very early la you want to got married?"
"heyyy u already have a baby ae? Then why want to get married so early?"

Well, all of those are because of our stupid things called "adat". I thought only us are living in it, but the real thing is they were also restricted by it.

Sad huh? Very easy thing was stopped just because of this. Unlucky them.

P/s: in the future it will be harder. I saw many ppl are trying to make it more hard to accomplish. Look at how the engagement ceremony looks like a wedding reception nowadays. Ohh my future generations. Pity you!!


Anum said...


Iffah Afeefah said...

agakla lagi mahal lagi hebak

tapi sayang

duit bukan menjamin bahagia pon

kiera'sakura said...

Oo pasal nie la jugak kot ramai chinese yang dah tua baru nak kawen huuuu.. itu beza agama depa ngn kita. adat itu mungkin menjadi agama mereka. klu kita yg melayu nie junjung sgt adat memang tak mustahil besok2 akan sama mcm kaum lain jugak tue. hurmmm mendoakan akan dtg semua menjunjung syariat dari adat amin

Z@i Z@mR33 said...

Bos cheq dok kt Arowana tu pon dok pening cari org ngasuh anak dia...dia kata yg dia hntq ni keja pg ja pon kena RM800 + duit beli mknn utk anak depa RM1000 la lbh kurang...

dia ckp manyak mahai wooo....keja pg je pun....bkn jaga mlm sm :p