Friday, 2 November 2012

The wonderfulness today.

Assalamualaikum. Dan salam sejahtera pada yang membaca.

The wonderfulness today.

Good day everyone. Nothing. Just want to share my highest thanks n syukur to ALLAH, the one who give everything to us. The Only One who have the power , The Almighty, who ONLY with his WILL the earth is spinning in its orbit, the one who never give up on us eventhough we are continuously sinned and forgotten bout how powerful He is.

Im very happy today.

First, im given a chances to really use my every moment this morning. Eventhough i have only half the day to settle many things, but He had helped me a lot by sending me his help. Then going to the intervw. Again, i am very happy for the chances and opportunities He had gave to me. Believing in Him make me smile and smile and smile. When we choose to only rely on Him, He will send us the help.

It was nothing. For some ppl, this might sounds annoying, but i dont care bout all that. just using my online diary to share thoughts and happiness that ALLAH send to me.

I went for an intervw, fr 1 post, but in the middle of it, He had send me 2 opportunities and chances. Guess what? i applied for one, but the interviewer want to repeat for the second session cause she found me 'fit' one post that they had been looking for so long for someone to be at that position. Can you imagine my feeling at that time?

it happens when she did ask for me to explain bout my experience when she suddenly asked me to wait.
"can you wait? "


"It might takes until 20 mins cause i want my subordinate to come, and we intervw you together. We have one position, and it has been empty for so long. "

"No problem."

She went out, and come back few minutes later.
"im sorry, i cant find her, but can we arrange fr the second intervw? "

"Sure can"

"Can you come next week?"

"Next week?" *smiling.* "Actually its not easy for me to take a leave, cause im still new there. huuu but if the week after i think i can. "

"Umm.. sure can. Opss. the week after is the week with Deepavali and Awal Muharam right?"


"Opss. cannot as we were off on that week. Umm can you come on next week?"

"Umm. i try to ask for another leave."

"Or can we arrange for time after your working hours? what time is your working hours?"

"Until 5:30"

"Ohh then we did it on 6 o clock. What say you? Only 1 km from here right? i think its okay for you?"

"Ehhe. sure can. But one what day?"


"At your convenience time. It will be okay for me as we already set the time after my working hours."

"ok. i will call you back nadzri. "

*smiling* Thanks to ALLAH.
for this opportunities. 1 intervw with 2 chances of getting job. Meeting with some friendly person with the warm welcome, make me feel very comfortable . Again. a relieved.

Hopefully He'll help me on the second intervw.



Rozuan Ismail said...


wah, doakan wan pon dapat macam nadh! sukar jugak nak dapat keje yang sesuai

Hanif Idrus said...

Tahniah ler

Noraim said...

rezeki nak kawen org ckp. hee. tahniah!

kiera'sakura said...

doa saya. jika ini yang terbaik untuk Nadzri Engkau permudahkanlah ia Ya Allah Amin