Friday, 7 November 2014




Saja berbual dengan seorang sahabat tadi. Situasi semasa. Both feel offended by the other party, but just decided to put aside those feelings and still wishing all d best in their journey. 

Eventhough both me n her want to join, but our current situation just wont allow us to follow. If im feeling uneasy this full week, shes a lot worst. She got a dream bout accident while driving at late night, the dream which i believe had effect her mentally n emotionally. Know why? By the time i went back from my mandarin class, she were still awake. N when i asked she got told me bout her nightmare. 

Ohh well, people wont understand. Its okay. Offended but just keep it. Like we discussed. Let ppl think what they want bout us. Atleast we got tried our best to 'repair' what is happening now. N fr my side, ive already prepared fr any consequences. Ive used to b a lone ranger in everything i do. Means even it'll take time to recovered, but i just dont bother bout what going to happen in d future. Let it be. 

Ppl may come n leave in life, but got 1 who will nvr leave ur side no matter what n where u go. ALLAH. He stays as the only one who'll be by your side in whatever situation you are in. Trust in Him. It'll Be easier fr u. ;)

Okeh. Thats all. Ahha. Long time didint use this language in my blog rite? Correct me if im wrong ya. Im learning. ;)

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