Friday, 15 October 2010

Neva Eva

sumone baru sms aku.. dia cakap..
"ALLAH pinjamkan "kekuatan" awk kat orang lain.."

"Dlu awk suke bg smgt kat org.. support them.. happykan dorang.. but now turn org lain.. ALLAH maybe nak tjk kat awk.. Which among ur fwen yg concern kt awk plak.. mmg awk ley ckp yg awk xmghrap dorg amk berat or not.. Tp jauh dlm sudut hati, ALLAH tetap akan uji... How do i know... Sbb bnd tu trjd kt sy..."

rasa2 kan..yang pertama tu mungkin betoi kot..
tapi aku tetap akan lawan..NEVER harap pape pn dari sapa2..
im sorry to say.. but i will get up soon.. BUT NO MATTER hw slow the progress is..
i will be on my OWN.. sorry others.. i just cant put any hope on ANY OF YOU.. and thats final..

but that doesnt mean that u NEVER have me when the time u need me..
i will be there, n support u with the besh that i can do, give the besh service that i can.. thats what u get for this friendship.. dont worry.. but for myself.. i want nothing.. ;)

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