Monday, 27 September 2010

Merenx seketika

talking bout ending single life and accompany sum1 till the end of life..
what need to be done? what need to be prepared?
whats the thing needed in order to complete the changes?

chewah.. byk plak soklan..
anyway, cam terfikir plak la.. Norin da nak kawen bln depan..
pastu zura pn da selesai.. tgk page dia tadi..
pastu semalam seharian ng abg shafiq n kak.. n i can see la.. hw happy they are..
seyesly.. im happy for them, but deep in me, im just thinking..
when will the time for me to come? i want it..

but i dunt know hw to say it..
its like very2 hard to find sum1 nowadays..
for me, i find it easy to find, but to get sum1 who really can coop wit u, can spare her time just to accompany you, to really fall in you, is it possible?
ive been in this situation before, i used to have sum1 before, the one i love sooo much, but, she choose not to continue our journey together, but to stop it n choose to treat me just like a rubbish, just because of the love is not there anymore..
i dont feel anythng, just a lil bit frustrated wit the treatment after all we've been together..
im sure wit what im feeling.. n until now, i admit, eventhough i got many ppl around me, but yet i still cant forget bout her.. coz ive save her in one place where she's are the one, who can really complete me..

dear, i knw u r not goin to read this, but please note that u are the one, u r the besh..who've once been here, n the 1 who Nadzri really are in love with..i know that u are happy now.. i just pray for the very2 besh in ur life dear..
thanks for every moment we've been together.. THAT WAS A VERY PRECIOUS MOMENT I HAD IN MY LIFE..


<-- this is for you.. ;)

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