Sunday, 28 July 2013

Abi, Ummi, Baby n Pacific Rim

Assalamualaikum. Dan salam sejahtera pada yang membaca.

We were just finished watching our first movie. After 35 weeks of pregnancy and and 8 months plus of marriage, this is our first.

Ehhe. First experience with my wife going to cinemas. Before this we had plan a few but all cancelled due to many reasons.

Pacific Rim. Supposedly we watch Ummi's request ; Despicable Me, but to wait until 8 pm is just not worth it. Thus, we decided to watch this.

Let me just talked bout the movie. At first im hoping that this will be a superb one, but it is not. Slow and steady, not even a single 'strike' that we caught my interest.

The only thing i like is how the mind, neuron, memories connect the Ranger and the machine.

How memories, the connected mind actually 'kills' someone's future. Well if i were in his place also i would never forget the moment where my beloved were 'killed' beside me while i am connected to him, knw how afraid he is at the moment, his pain and finally just vanished .

Talked to Ummi, wondering if we were the one operating those machines. Me and you beside. Are we really are that 'connected'. I am able to see your memories, everything from the past, what you are thinking. And she start to say "haaa abi dah mula dah bayang bebukan".

It is something you knw? Two people connected, And those two will understand better of the other one. Learn bout their past, read what they were thinking. Something that create a bond between those two.

Do we have that? Me and ummi? I guess we have one, it is called LOVE. Ehhe. Eventhough we dont knw bout what happen in past, but we will wrote something together for the future. Make it something special, and live happily. And whatever come in between will be settled by us both, plus no matter what we benefited frm that 'challenge'.

Psst : If we were really doing that, operating the Jaegar, how does it be huh? #imagine #imagine


Dzureen Darwis said...

It is good to spend time together. So sweet :)

kiera'sakura said...

hahahaha klu kita yg duk dlm Jaegar tue takut nanti tak dapat nk fokus la dah baby sibuk nak menyusu :p