Friday, 19 July 2013

my new experience

Assalamualaikum. Dan salam sejahtera pada yang membaca.

its kampung time.

we were at her kampung. goin back fr the first time in this Ramadhan. yesterday i was about to cancel my leave due to my workload, but this morning, i decided to continue.

asked Mama bout her opinion also, she want me to come back here. actually its not that i dont want to come back here, just that i asked dear Ummi to go first, and i will come later after i finish my work. might be on tomorrow morning or late night today.

new experience, fast as a husband, as new 'menantu' in this family. well not bad.

Alhamdulillah. thanks ALLAH for giving me this. i will do my best to take care of this harmonies and make everyone happy. insyaALLAH.


MR & MRS MAKMUM said...

alhamdulillah .........

kiera'sakura said...

insyaAllah, mekasih abi :)