Wednesday, 17 July 2013

oh work

Assalamualaikum. Dan salam sejahtera pada yang membaca.

Life is getting harder and harder for me. Projects fr me now is finding the word worst when it were near to the end. All 3 parts were having a different problem. from dimensions to the cosmetic problem.

Yesterday, got complaint from customer not just that, they even treaten me that if we were already overload, they are willing to find a new supplier to do the job. and seriously this demotivated me.

its not that we were not trying to solve the problem, but, when u talked bout rectifying the mould, its not easy to settle things in a second. you need time to rectify it.

and know what, this pressure is starting to make me boring n feels like want to ignore it.

ohh work. please be nice to me.


kiera'sakura said...

hurm ummi tetap mendoakan moga semuanya dipermudahkan, pape pun ummi sentiasa ada dengan abi. sokong abi :) jadi tukang kebun pun takpe. tapi jadi la tukang kebun kat alor setar nie dekat dengan ummi baby :p

Lydia Miza said...

Kerja apa pun smua ada cabaran dan dugaan. Lbh tggi pangkat lbh tinggi tanggung jawab. InsyaAllah kesabaran akan memberi kemanisan di kemudian hari