Friday, 20 April 2012

ALLAH knows best kan?

Assalamualaikum. Dan salam sejahtera pada yang membaca.

an interesting plus exciting journey for me. (hopefully)

one is, im going to an interview. For a international company. eventhough i knw the chances is very very very thick for me, but still want to give a try. Who knows kan? we were thinking bout ppl, but we never knw what ALLAH has prepared for us. So let just wait for our future. Dont be afraid as everything was very well planned for us.

next, i have 4 sites to be attended tomorrow. new equipment, and new experience. says my engineer, it was very easy. Just key in the IP's and everything is done. wah, if it is like what he said, for me it is toooooooo easy. But nevermine, i go there first and experience it myself. now is the time to equip myself with experience and knowledge, later on, im the one who'll be attending it on my own. Proving that im also one of their 'asset'.

Hwever, im praying for this new job. ehhe. actually, im dream of wrking outside our country. well, musafir la kot  ye? :P ahha. (like now im in my hometown plak kan? ahhaa ), btw, just want to experience it, like hw my boss share to me, it was very very interesting.

My housemate asked earlier this evening when i was in the kitchen preparing for our dinner, " betul ke ni, ke nanti kalau kau da dapat kau tanak pergi plak? " . n i answered, "why not, i dreamt of this job abg."

whatever it is. i will be just fine with what ALLAH has planned for me. like yesterday, my housmate asked, "hai, senyum je, senang hati nampak?" . to be honest, early this week i have a problem, but when i accepted it, everything changed, its not so bad, and the best part is, im still smiling eventhough i have a big problem. well, ALLAH knws best kan? for what we want to feel worry about?


kiera'sakura said...

semoga dipermudahkanNya .. Amin... gud luck ye.. :)

Iffah Afeefah said...

smoge berjaya nadh

waaa teruja bg pihak