Friday, 13 April 2012

Thrown away

Assalamualaikum. Dan salam sejahtera pada yang membaca.

Day 02. Waiting for something which was ours but was forgotten by other ppl.

My colleague did ask someone early this morning.
"no lah, both of u were just 'on loan' for a few months. "

N he replied,
"are you sure? We did feel like were thrown away oledi. "

Do as you like. No matter how bad ppl treat me, i will still giving the best service i can. But if ppl still does not appreciate me, i dont care cause i knw ALLAH appreciate us BETTER than any of us cud do it.

Just that, we hv some lil sad feelings inside, frustrated with hw we we've been treated. Fyi, this morning, our new office admin did call n pushing us so hard to amend our claims because she want to submit it already. She keep on calling and calling to make sure things was ammended accordingly. But after that when still hv problem, she decided to "tutup mata" (only for this month), so that the form can be processed. A very simple example of ppl who hv hearts, and someone who doesnt think bout us.

No matter hw it is, I'll keep holding on my principle, and let ALLAH decide. I dun trust ppl, but i knw ALLAH nvr gonna do bad to me. ;)
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Iffah Afeefah said...

Erm susa nye cmni

sabar eh jiran

لين Si Pipi Merah said...

eheh sepeking... okebai

kiera'sakura said...

ye betol,, Allah ada biar je kat mereka2 yg xreti menghargai tue...