Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Assalamualaikum. Dan salam sejahtera pada yang membaca.

Someone did ask me just now.
"Assalamualaikum. .hg suka ke keje kat situ.? "

then i replied , "why so suddenly asking me this Q?"

" Nampak mcm hg tension je"

Wowww.. surprised, ppl are watching me. I want to explain to him, but turn that Q with answers that will let him change the Q, or distract the conversation with other topic.

I dont want to make him worried. But just now he added some more , "Tadi nampak sangat hg tension".

To be honest, work is not a problem to me here. There is other thing distubing me lately. But if i tell him the truth, im afraid that it'll effect him also. Let me just keeping it here. ALLAH knows best kan?

Trust me. got 2 big thing happen to me this few days.
Yesterday, i am really tired, want to go home, but i dont have the house key. my housemate one is away, and another one, havent come home yet. Plus my keys are with my colleague. Know what happen? ALLAH send me the 4th key. And i managed to enter my house safely. Thanks ALLAH.

Today,  i have to meet with that guy. Im a hypocrite today. pretending that nothing happen, and ALLAH had help me with that. My patient pays with peace. Until the evening, in fact until now, its like i forgot already what had happen between us. I choose to leave everything to HIM. but im very happy cause i had finally find peace.

What i want to share here is, be patient. SABAR weh SABAR.there will always be a way.


kiera'sakura said...

Allah sentiasa bersama org2 yg sabar kan.. be strong, i know u can!!! :)

Anum said...

allah lindungi

Hanif Idrus said...

Saya sokong ...sabar itu separuh dari Iman...
Kuatkan iman...

pha is said...

sesungghnya Allah bersama orang2 yg sabar...

Iffah Afeefah said...

Erm stiap ksbaran itu beroleh jwpn y lbih mnggmbirekn