Sunday, 8 April 2012

Own satisfaction

Assalamualaikum. Dan salam sejahtera pada yang membaca.

Wahhh. What a busy day.
Planning to buy new watch to replace mine, buying something for kakak and going to my auntie's house. But at last, plan was changed, due to my family car aircond was not functioning , i choose to cancel those plan and move to my aircond panel workshop to repair it.

A long journey, almost 100km just to make sure car was in a good condition, and also big sum of money. But what to do kan? Still need to repair at the end, so why shud i wait?

i went back to Penang every months, and im not happy with the aircond, the hot weathe everytime we went out, can you imagine how mama, ayah n siblings deal with it daily? With our hot temperature and weather nowadays, im sure they were not happy bout it.

So, settling this is for my own satisfaction. money isn't everything but their comfortability is a priority to me. I dont have the strength to see mama ayah n siblings sweat everytime they use it.
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misshannajr said...

bgs first kan :)

misshannajr said...

bgs first kan :)

Lydia Miza(Aidyl Azim) said...

suka sikap nadh

kiera'sakura said...

yup... family yg utama, tue yg selalu saya katakan pada mereka yg sering mempersoalkan tindakan saya untuk kegembiraan family... :)