Sunday, 15 April 2012

Any objection?

Assalamualaikum. Dan salam sejahtera pada yang membaca.


Ive read and heard bout this news many days ago, but my tough time with myself stop me from sharing my thought regarding this matter.

Its about our Harimau Malaya team went down from FIFA world ranking n FAM block comment from ppl by saying that the ranking does not shows our true national team form. Then one FAM ppl was banned due to his comments which critics the National team. There is no democracy in mesia.

Actually he was right. We have the rights to critics if they were in a wrong path. Why shud he be so silent when there is a way to repair our bad performance in the past recent games? Does being silent helps?

I personally feel that the ppl up there shud pass up their resign letter n 'balik kampung tanam jagung'. Its true. See hw poor the performance of our team, compare with our 'world class' facilities like what has been said by them. it was really humiliating to see hw we waste it. And its worst when we compare our rankings with a 3rd world country.

I would not say that our players was not good. But management was the main factors. Look at our dato nicol ann david. Her achievement was awesome. N she achieve wit on her own effort. No politics no minister, no stupid flows to be followed, n now shes the num one players.

I do believe that our sports will forever be like hw it was if we do not stop this. Any objection?

P/s : rubbish shud automatically throwed inside the dustbin.
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