Thursday, 10 May 2012

A day with mr kiel

Assalamualaikum. Dan salam sejahtera pada yang membaca.

A day with mr kiel.

One of my colleague. Respect ppl so much. I asked him to stop cause i am looking for surau to perform solah, n he did find a comfortable place for me. Tolerate. Im so happy.

Again, when he want to smoke in the car, he did ask me, whether he can do it or not. I answered, "its your car, do as you please", n he replied, "i wont do it if you dont like, eventhough it is my car, i still need to respect you. ".

Then, i ask him, after he finished smoking, "its okay if you just left the windows open", n he asked, "cold?", "nope, just cincai-cincai la with me, no problem punya. " n again, another words that smile again, "i used to switch on my aircond when i hv passengers, but when im alone, i will be left closed".

Owhh my. Thanks again my fren. Especially ALLAH who had tarbiah me with his fate again. I learned on hw the importance of respect in life. No matter who you are. N where you are from. Its the way of life kan? What ALLAH n his beloved Rasulullah had taught us.
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Rozuan Ismail said...

so respectful person.

Nor Nadiah said...

untungnya dapat kawan mcm ni..:)


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kiera'sakura said...

bgusla dia cm tue, klu kt opis nie siap ada yg smoking dalam opis.. ekon lak tue... sabo jela yg blh