Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Nite monologue

Assalamualaikum. Dan salam sejahtera pada yang membaca.

Upset? Yes i am. Really really dissappointed with somebody.

Owh my. Just finished a sharing session with my colleague. What he reveal is what i wish dont knw. Bout that someone who actually feels that he had gv us everything.

To be honest, after discussion, im very upset. He is in the middle of getting something when he forgot everything bout us, then accuse us for leaving him when he was in a critical time. But he forgot the facts that he is the one who's been planning all this. But we still support at that time, but he never remember bout that.

And what i hate to hear the most, he actually asked, are we coming back after he got wealth soon? Owh my, what we expect before is what really happening now, he sacked us, not loan-ed us.
What a terrible feelings i had tonight. thanks to ALLAH. What ALLAH had showed today is his true color. N me? Speechless. What can i say?

B patient. Trust in HIM. HE got plan for us. Same like the reality, we do more to get more. HE tests us, to reward us.
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kiera'sakura said...

sabar la, Allah tgh merencanakan sesuatu yg lebih baik kan, mujur Dia tnjuk lebih awal :)

Iffah Afeefah said...

hurm sabar jiran sabar