Friday, 25 May 2012

Is that a joke?

Assalamualaikum. Dan salam sejahtera pada yang membaca.

Last two days, after finished the activities (futsal), we went home. Feel longer that nite especially in the car, cause mr boss keep asking bout whether me going as well. The atmosphere is getting colder, but i find a solution by making a joke to distract my boss n colleague.

Like what i said earlier, the reality really had turned the atmosphere. If as usual we will 'lepak-lepak minum', but last night as soon as reach my boss house, we shake hand and went home.

On my way home, i stopped at one restaurant near my house for dinner (preparation for my tomorrow. I promised akak to puasa with her).

the story starts here. The restaurant is playing Super Spontan.
To be honest, that show really had spoiled my dinner. Super bored. And i can say that i dont get the reason why ppl there were so excited to see that show (Or are they same like me, hoping that the waiter to change channel) . Ppl told me that the show is about joke, and the only joke that happen at that night is, i laugh because i cant even get near to even smiling to hear their so-called 'joke'.

Then i decided to eat fast, pay fast and went home ASAP. So sorry, im not insulting that show, just expressing my feelings because my fren once cursing me because i dont wTch this show.

If this is what the show is all about, i rather sleep, or doing something MORE BENFICIAL to me, or maybe spend my time with macik? Ngehngehngeh. :P
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Lydia Miza(Aidyl Azim) said...

Oo okey. Ingat sahur kat umah. Ermm

Iffah Afeefah said...

Lain org lain mnatnye

so untungla ade makcik

kiera'sakura said...

ada erk menda tue xpenah tau pun.. huhuhu