Saturday, 19 May 2012

Its their day

Assalamualaikum. Dan salam.sejahtera pada yang membaca.

Its 19th of May 2012. One of my bestfriend wedding. Ive been there as his groomsman.

Journey starts early in the morning as i need to reach my fren house before we go there. We arrive bout 11 o clock, but the bride n the groom (my fren) havent move to the shop yet, so we went to the hospital to see my other fren (PakLan) baby which was admitted to the hospital 3 days ago.

About half an hour there, journey continues, we met the bride at Tirai Kasih wedding boutique to fetch them to the wedding location. At first the troupe stop near Kompleks Rakan Muda, i tought the weds will be here, but wrong, we were actually waiting for the groom family to gather here.

Suddenly 2 traffic police come, okeh, this is really enjoying, escorted by them to the ceremony hall, wowww im very surprise, n actually the groom also were surprised, he never tought it will be this ' grand'.

Next when reaching the hall, big celebration. Grand! Seriously.

My fren asked,
"adik kenduri hang nanti nak buat camni jugak ka?"


P/s : slack kan yang kuning tu x bersongkok. :P

P/s : Before i end this entry, let us all pray that they will live happily ever after. Amin.
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kiera'sakura said...

Amin.. tapi mana pegi songkok?

aizamia3 said...

cute je pengantin tu.. ;) sweet..

Iffah Afeefah said...

Pngapit ke tu