Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Started to miss them oledi. huu T.T

Assalamualaikum. Dan salam sejahtera pada yang membaca. 

My Sunday

Went to sleep late. After Subuh, due to watching UCL final with Adik. Then wake up early, when Mama call me, 2 times, than on the third time, i woke up. Dont want Mama to feel upset cause call me a lot of time but i wont woke up. 

Next destination. Tok Mak's House.
Early plan was to send to Tok Mak a few things she asked Mama to help her do some 'Sprink Cleaning' outside Tok Mak's house. Burn all the rubbish outside so that there will be no place for any snake or rats to stay, but rats already been there, it collects all the brown dead rambutan leaves and put it inside some boxes, and live there. Know what, almost 10 of them were there. Shocked !

Next after finished, we went to Kulim. To survey Ring for my future wife. My Auntie suggest one shop, but the shop and the rings there is not as what i want it to be. Not beautiful. Then bring Mama to buy some things then went back. 

Our evening journey stars after my lovely sis went back from her class. 1st location, Yaya n Icha's house. I need to see them. Cause i miss them soooooo much. As soon as reaching their house, i heard Yaya's crying. I went up fast to stop her from crying. Lift her and take her to playground. 

Look at how happy she is. :)

Next, our journey take us to Queensbay Mall. Place where Kak Azza suggest for the ring. 
I cant find one which was really amazed me, but got 1 . Its a white gold. Mama dont like it. Even the design was good, Mama refuse to buy it, cause Mama want my weds ring to be a normal gold, not White Gold. 

Actually, i dont really join them (Mama, Kak Azza n Jiah) looking for the ring cause im so busy take care of my lil sister . Look at her. She love to walk. She even shouting at her Ibu when her Ibu wont let her come to me. Ehhe, make me smile, lil sis which afraid at me on her first sight on Saturday, now turning to be very 'friendly' with me. 

She is so cute right?

Their Ibu just smiling when saw this two babies want me to pick them both. 

To say no is now easy. 
So i choose to hold Yaya on my back, and Icha in front. 

Started to miss them oledi. huu T.T


Iffah Afeefah said...

Emas putih? I loike

tp untuk jgke ms pnjng elokla gold

Tak gitu kak ipar?

fRaMe+LenSeS said...

itulah. lagipun mahai sgt la. ihihi. pengsan*

mdmZ said...

Sy pun gne emas putih. X suke sgt normal gold.
So cute both of them.

mdmZ said...

Prefer emas putih then emas biasa..kawen pun gne emas putih.
So cute both of them.

mdmZ said...

Sy pun gne emas putih. X suke sgt normal gold.
So cute both of them.

kiera'sakura said...

banyaknya tikus?? dh tegak bulu kaki..huhuhu

tlong la jgn buat org dengki sbb x dpt jmpe depa =.='

mizzkechique said...

emas putih mahal.. tp xde value.. org klu xtau akan kata tu silver.. better emas 916..

so comel la dak tecik tu..