Wednesday, 8 December 2010

once upon a time, today n the future

Baru balik dari kenduri i rumah pcik abg madi.
Kenduri masuk rumah baru.
Seyesly.. Umah dia sangat luas. Dan cantik..
Umah kawasan umah dia pn cntik..
Depan umah dia tu cantik.. Lawa.. Guna pintu n tingkap kayu.. 3 tingkat.. Cantik..

Masa balik baru pasan..
Lalu kat kawasan melawati ni..
Seyesly tingat memory lama..
Kawasan tempat dok berlari2 dulu.. On call.. Pantang sebut..
Call n need to buy things.. Mmg smpai ny la..
Kua mai sat.. Beli barang n balik..
Lepas cket dari tu.. Singgah plak esso kat tepi ni..
Tempat melepak sat dulu..
Nak buang masa sembang sebelum menghantar..

Semua memory2 dulu..
I miss all those thing..
I maybe trying to deny all those memory from appearing in my mind.
But the facts that all of those are 1 of the sweetest things that happen cannot be denied.
What i can do now is to pray that u get ur "happiness" that u are looking for.
Hopefully that person cn gv u what u dream of.
Hopefully he's the one who can complete you.
All the besh for ur future with him.
I may not be the best but i am the one who you can count on once upon a time.
And for your own sake of happiness..
I may not pray for the bad things to happen.
But i pray for the sweet2 thing to pop up in ur life.
Thank you for giving me the chance to be the very important person once in ur life.
Thanks for teaching hw love are all about.
Thanks for the reminder that i still have a lot to do.
Thanks thanks and thanks for everything.

YA ALLAH.. Need your barokah to support me..
Please help me to be someone in everyone's heart.
I just want to see smiles from all people around me..
Coz they are part of my happiness, and i love them all.
Please help me to inspire people..
Please help me to equip myself with enough knowledge n hikmah so that i can gv dakwah to people..
Hopefully, my wish will be fulfilled.
Amin yarabbal alamin.

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