Saturday, 14 January 2012

Learn to love what we have n who we are

Assalamualaikum. Dan salam sejahtera pada yang membaca.

Morning readers. Im Currently on my way to the eastern part of Peninsular Malaysia. For the very first time, theory will be turn to reality. Im applying it today. Road to dream catching. Eventhough it'll end up soon, im finally experiencing it myself, with my own hand.

Fyi, yesterday was the day. Im finally out from there. For the past few years handling it, nw i will start to write on a new history in my life logbook. N now im goin to be an apprentice to mr someone who inspires so much in my career. Finally, i'll be handling a lot of things and that really are so exciting as it'll also bring new challenge in life n a lots of knowledge n experience.

Ppl see me as a motivated person but actly deep in here im someone who are trying to achieve 'something' better in life to cover up failures which was happen due to my own mistakes in my past.

I admit, im down sometimes especially when meeting with ppl who i 'chop' as successful in their life. Example, ppl who are talented like my boss, who can be categorize as 'complete' in his journey (charge man, engineer, n Ir. on the way, wth his superb experience *for me).

I met some clever fella, who has a very good educations records n from established university, while im just some loser experiencing difficulties in my under grad prog but all was actually due to my own attitude who were not serious enuf in achieving my dreams.

What i want to highlight here is, all happen with a reason. Ppl will not hv everything in their life. We were amazed to see wealth ppl with ferrari, but do we knw their difficulties? We love to dream of having millions in our account, but do we realized that we might hv better amounts in our right handside 'amal' notebook? Or they have money, but we have all the love n attentions from our beloved parents.

Learn to love what we have n who we are. ;)
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