Tuesday, 22 February 2011

What Love is All About

What Love is All About

Its not about Losing or Winning..
Its about how u benefited with BOTH
How Losing have changed you
How winning had turned you to be someone grateful with the Gifts..

Its not but giving or taking..
Its not about what you give
Its not bout what you get
Its about how you tolerate with each others..
how you combine your thought in settling problems..

Its not all about happy ending..
Its not also all bout crying and sadness
Its about how the you make use of that moments
Its bout how the happy and sadness had make the relationship and you to be matured

No matter what it is..
It is gifts from ALLAH..
the best is we put some limit in it..
Dont give too much..
Dont let it be everything in life..
but take it as something that can change us to be better person.
whether it ends well or not..
it is still a gifts.
do remember that.. ALLAH knows best!


@mel said...

as'salam nadh....

selama ni papa khai dok melawak lbih kurang ngn dia igt2 dah pollow blog dia...

ghupa2nya blom pollow lg...
mintak maap byk2...

papa khai x perasan...

maap skli lg...

fRaMe+LenSeS said...

waalaikumussalam Papa Khai..
ala.. tadak apa aih.. nak mtk maaf watpa.. Nadh bukan paksa orang follow pn.. nadh nak berkawan ja.. papa n suma kawan ng Nadh pn da sgt bersyukur tau.. ;)